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FemShep Sentinel II - Mass Effect (2016)

Feel the power of sentinel!
Two omni-blades, increased strength, a set of technical and biotic abilities - she is the universal soldier.
Full size picture 2800 x 4839, see only in the best quality!)
Reflecting on the future pattern, I wanted to depict something more epic than just an ordinary Photo manipulation.
I came across my old job, "FemShep Sentinel" wanted a lot to implement it again, but in a highly detailed form.
I started to use a new method for texture mapping (Asari helped with photo manipulation :P)from here you can see the result.
I also modified the method of applying the layers. It has become much easier and more convenient.
I also draw the totally enclosed Respirator (Helmet) N7. I may use it in the future.
There were many problems in the implementation of the omni-blades. As a result, it was necessary to go another way. It seems to work out.
This is one of the last arts about the first trilogy. I want to say goodbye to it, so that was something to remember.